Monday, 20 February 2012

the ceremony on the hill

I walked downstairs, followed by Liv, my mum, Hannah the photographer, Adam the videographer and Carly and Kim. I could see people in the garden through the window - Liv was right, everyone was there - and then stepped outside.

A weird moment - it's just you, facing 80 people, most of whom have cameras. I stood for a second embarrassed and laughing before suggesting we make our way to the tractor. On we got, and off we went.

Up the hill, everything was ready. On hearing the tractor approach, Jon and his brother (as best man) had hid, and while everyone took their seats on hay bales, I stood in the forest with my dad at the back of the aisle looking at Tom, the friend that would marry us. Dad asked if I was ready. Jon's brother was in charge of the music, and when we heard it start, we walked in...

Photos as ever mostly by the genius Hannah Dornford-May, with a couple by friends and family thrown in