Monday, 3 January 2011

wonderstuff #1

I'm not really one for smearing lots of gunk on my face, partly because I'm lazy and partly because I'm lucky - I inherited skin that lets me be lazy. Most of the time, it's ok - I just have the same problems/problem areas as most people. I've always cleansed, moisturised - but there are stubborn areas.

Eating well cleared up a huge number of skin issues (another thing to thank Slimming World for!) However, as part of the same 'playing at being a grown up' drive that has recently seen me buying my first leather handbag and renouncing £2.99 make up, I decided that I should sort my skin out properly, with the wedding as an ultimate goal.

Over recent months I have discovered these two little beauties: one for problems, one for all round improvement.

This slightly industrial looking tube is truly brilliant stuff. Vichy's 'normaderm nuit' is, to translate the beauty-ese, stuff you use overnight that makes your dodgy bits calm down nicely. It doesn't dry out like witch hazel but slowly, over a few days/weeks, you realise your chin/nose are clear and lovely. Great stuff.

This is the second lovely thing. Soap & Glory 'make yourself youthful rejuvenating face serum'. I'd been looking out for a serum after a free sample of some amazingly expensive stuff convinced me that it was a good thing. Also I turned 28 and birthdays always make me buy this sort of stuff. However - most serums I saw were way out of my price range. Then I saw this and tried it out.

It smells AMAZING - like chocolate orange - and I think the orangeyness has some sort of freshening/removing dead cells effect on your skin. All I know is that it feels great and smells amazing and that after two days of using it, J said: "what have you done to your face? It looks...I dunno... Sort of rosier, but all over. Not red rosy, just sort of...bright...good..." which is about as resounding an approval as I have ever had.

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