Friday, 1 July 2011

double yoo tee eff

Why is it that as the wedding gets closer there is an direct correlation with the busyness in other areas of life. Namely: WORK.

The longer the to-do list for the wedding, the later you stay at work, the more meetings are in the diary. Then over the summer, it seems that there's always someone off in the office, on their hols, which impacts on everyone else's work. Just one of those things of course, but I'm really feeling it this year.

This has happened to of my recently wed friends too. One of whom was bashing through 8pm meetings the week before she left to get married. I don't think I'm far off.

My job has got insane, insane, insane, and just at the point where the wedding to do list is starting to make me panic. I had a friend working until 11.30pm in the weeks before her wedding. I can see that happening to me too. It's great for the company but means that when you're at work, you're flat out, and then when you're at home, you're flat out too

We saw a friend last night who asked us how the wedding planning was going. And I drunkenly poured out some ridiculous list of everything we have to do. And he said 'sounds like you're getting through it'. And i replied: no. We are not. If we were getting through it, i wouldn't be panicking to you right now. We'd be talking about something more interesting.

And so that's why the I need to get through it. For my friends' sake. I don't want to be become that bride to be who bores the shit out of everyone wittering about the cost of flowers.


  1. Totally feel your pain. My work is a crazy place where everyone works long hours and looks at you funny if you dare to leave before 1845. Looking forward to the time when my wedding comes around!! Hope you can avoid the crazy a bit

  2. I'm quite nervous. I get married in less than a year and have no time to do the stuff that needs doing now and doubt I'll have time next summer.

    But once all the madness is over I will be married to M. I keep trying to keep that in my head. That is all that matters.

    Take care! xx

  3. Happy to be 'bored' with bridal details - flowers, anything.