Tuesday, 16 August 2011

two and a half weeks before the wedding...

...is no time to discover wedding inspiration. And yes, J, though you never read this blog, I am talking to you.

I sent J a photo: hey, look, these people are doing something similar to us (pegging photos up on a line, guestbook postcards) - doesn't it look cool? And he says (and this is a direct quote):

"Hey – wonder if we could go to a car boot sale and buy a stack of ancient postcards for people to write on and peg up...?"


To which I answered: this is exactly the sort of thing I tried to talk to you about six months ago, when we would have time to visit the 20-40 different car boot sales we would have needed to find exactly that. Not two and a half weeks before.

Someone buy that man a copy of Cosmo Bride, pronto.


  1. I get the feeling M will be like this. Your day will be amazing though. And it is soon!

  2. Men! (Cosmo Bride has finished, kaput, btw). In your spare time, you know, that thing you have loads of what with a wedding, a honeymoon and a long distance move, why DON'T you find a load of vintage, immaculate postcards?!