Monday, 9 January 2012

finally...the wedding. Part 1

Well it's taken long enough, really. We only got married, what, four months ago now.

(But there's a reason we had to wait. I had been told that someone wanted to blog the wedding. They told me they definitely wanted to do it. And out of decency, I waited. And then they didn't. So.)

Hard to know where to start, really. It felt so all consuming, for the whole time we were engaged. I threw myself into it so whole-heartedly. I created things and organised things and I loved it. Bloody loved it. I even look back on the attempts to print things in the week before with something approaching fondness (I did not feel fond of it at the time).

And what resulted? Truly one of the most amazing days of my life, done how we wanted. Happy guests who we know had a blast.

And what followed put it all into perspective. We got married, had a honeymoon and then we moved our lives 400 miles away. The wedding? Piece of cake compared with that.

So I'm going to try to keep this all fairly, relatively brief. I won't give you hour-by-hour recaps. And this is what I'm going to start with. A short 'trailer' video of our wedding. The video that almost wasn't, and was only decided upon two weeks before.

Why so late? A cameraman schoolfriend of mine set up a small company with a friend, making wedding and corporate vids. I had given them a huge project through work, and as a favour, they offered to do our vid for expenses only. A bargain. So we did it.

What this video centres on is our outdoor ceremony, performed by our friend. You will hear just a few lines of it (though if it would be helpful, I will post some of the detail). You finally get to see what I look like, the dress I won, the flowers I loved so much that I took them to the Outer Hebrides on honeymoon, and what J actually stands for (and indeed, what he looks like).

The company that my friend formed is called Make It Media and they are based in the midlands. Best wedding video company in the midlands/Nottingham/Coventry? I think so... ;)


  1. LOVE IT! Looks like such a stunning day! So glad you posted this. x

  2. Oh Claire. I just shed actual tears. It is all SO lovely. :)

  3. What a rural idyll! I love the fact that you travelled by tractor - and the first kiss bit? Too lovely for words.

  4. Thank you for sharing your wonderful,special day.You looked stunning and what a fabulous venue.I bet you're really glad that you decided to have your wedding day videoed.They did a fantastic job! My son is studying film and loves making videos, but maybe this is one occasion that I won't ask him to do the honours! xx

  5. This is just lovely. I may have cried. xx

  6. Awwww... that's so lovely! I feel kind of emotional after hearing your vows! (Plus I love that song! :))

  7. Aw thanks guys. They weren't our full vows - I'm wondering if I should post them. So happy you all liked the video! We have a longer one and my fave bit of that is everyone's mad dancing!

  8. That video is absolutely amazing! You look stunning!
    It is one of my regrets not having our day videoed but you live and learn.

  9. Mad dancing never disappoints!