Thursday, 7 January 2010

the date, and first post

Things I nearly called this blog:

Not another wedding blog
The indecisive bride
Thanks for the ring but do I can't be arsed with the rest

But that was me a couple of weeks ago. I'm now slowly coming round to the idea...

And so today, it started in earnest. We possibly accidentally set a date.

Me: [Ringing venue] Hi, we're coming on Saturday for a visit. Is the snow bad out there?
Venue: Um, well, our snow plough has just broken down. It's below freezing for another week and we can't really leave.
Me: Ah. Hm... I'm a bit worried it's going to book up...
Venue: Well it is booking fast. But we can hold a date for two weeks for you for free...

And so I give them the only date I know in 2011: September 5th. Because we had a vague idea about the start of September and I'd looked it up.

I instantly felt sure I'd damned it to rain that day. Ringing bf, he falters: "It seems such a long way off." I tell him to pick another. But he suddenly seems superstitious and wavers.

We didn't change the day. We might hate the venue. But I doubt it. I sort of feel like it's somehow settled.


  1. Yay for another UK wedding blog. Whoop, whoop!

  2. I reallllllllllllllllly like your blog name

  3. OK I should add, I'm a doofus. The date is September 3rd. Such a doofus that it took me a fortnight to realise that I'd got it wrong. But luckily, venue lady had assumed I meant Saturday, saving my idiocy from dropping me into finding out I had booked the wedding for a Monday. Clever!