Wednesday, 2 June 2010


So, I've been on holiday. Hence all the quiet around here in the past few days.

After the making of the spreadsheet and the mild sweats and tremors that it induced (the figures weren't high for 'wedding land' but they were bloody high by my book) we decided to have another crack at a guest list and got it down by 20 people thanks to the imposition of a few sensible rules (I have a huge family. The rules are very necessary if it isn't to be 75 per cent my relatives).

I also had a night of utter panic when I thought the venue cost had increased by a grand. Seriously, utter panic: thinking of cancelling the lot and losing the deposit sort of utter panic. Sod it, let's just go to the pub and the register office utter panic. Needless to say, it was completely unfounded utter panic.

I also mentioned dresses again. I've let my liking of non-white dresses be known before. But it didn't really wash with bf. "Just for one day, can't you look like a bride?" Fairenuff.


  1. does it help if I say that most of them aren't white white? maybe go think outside the box, its summer, maxi dresses will be everywhere. vintage/ebay/the less obvious wedding boutiques? go shopping with an open mind, While he may want you to look like a bride (and you will, you're the one standing up and marrying him, DUH) he'll love it more if you are happy in your dress too. you'll feel happier=look happier=beautifuller.

  2. by the way, I know you weren't asking for help with the dress, I just like to give my opinion when its not needed... :)

  3. Hope you had a lovely holiday!

    I agree with Rebecca, you should totally be happy with what you are wearing as its your day!

    But, as someone who wore the white (well actually totally ivory) big long dress, it was so fab to wear it for the day!

  4. First of all... I saw the title and immediately started singing "Holiday! Celebrate!" in my head.

    Budgets suck and they are scary. But it is better to know now so you can do something about it.

    With the dress, my groomie is more traditional than I am, too. I went looking at dresses and realised that you only get to be a bride once, so I'm going to embrace it (within reason).

  5. Now I have that song in my head too!

    I don't think it needs to be white-white, as in brilliant white. Just on the white spectrum. Cream or something else white-ish would be ok I think.

    I am coming round to the idea. I think it's just hard as I can't (won't?) try any dresses on just yet - not until next Spring, I reckon. Anyway - at least I know now - better than buying a blue one and finding out too late!

  6. Ah my dear, I hope you enjoyed some of your holiday and it wasn't all mad panics. You have made a big step forward on the dress front - unfortunately there are more to come. I was struggling between being a "bride" and having a big "wedding dress" for this one of never again opportunity! Or having a much simpler dress that felt like me and was comfortable and would look at place next to O. Guess which I went for? Comfort and feeling like myself everyday of my life!