Friday, 1 October 2010

urgent help needed

OK so it turns out the register office I formerly suggested was 'grotty' now only has two slots available, and even those are squeezing us in. And I checked it on Google Street View and it's not actually that grotty at all - or better than I remember.

I have to let them know today which is better (and neither is ideal):

10.15am, at which we get married in jeans and then go back to the venue and relax and get ready

11.45 am, at which we get married in wedding attire and then go back to the farm and wait for guests to arrive before we do the bit up on the hill

I need to let them know by 4pm. Help! Which is better? J still doesn't care if it's the day before but I do. Will I care if I do it in jeans? Help!


  1. Really tough one. At one point we were going to have to do this, and personally, I would probably go for the 10.15am jeans option - it would make the other wedding seem more like the 'real wedding' which I assume is your plan. I would almost treat this as just a legal thing that you have to do.

    But it's a very personal thing...either would work...

  2. I would also go for the earlier one. See it as a chance to have a special, private moment between the two of you before your public wedding begins. You don't have to wear jeans - it will be nicer being comfortable, unrushed and calm, rather than doing it in your full regalia and then having to nervously wait for guests to arrive. the guests should be waiting on you, not the other way around!

    Just my two p!

  3. I agree! It seems very cool the idea of heading back to the venue as a married couple. You have such limited time together on the day, it seems nice to be able to chill out like that!

  4. Earlier one but not in jeans. You will be repeating vows and I should think, when it comes to it, it will feel special in it's own way.

  5. I think the earlier one then you have time to go back and have the relaxing and getting ready part to enjoy.

    I dont think do it in jeans tho; unless you would feel more comfortable; but how about a new outfit that would then be special too but not your wedding attire.

    There was just a wedding on one of the blogs where they had to do the legal bit first and she wore a patterned maxi dress from ted baker. Think it was maybe on Love My Dress or otherwise Rock my Wedding.

  6. I saw via twitter that you went for the earlier time. Great choice!
    Stupid that you can't legally be married up the hill.