Wednesday, 30 March 2011

calling all brides to be

So one of the things about having a long engagement is that as you go through the months of planning, other ladies you know who were engaged, get married.

Now this is a great thing, and as it should be - I love reading the blogs of these ladies still, and I'm so glad I found them. But it is nice to hear from other engaged ladies - people in the same position as you (

I know from my blog stats that there are more readers than there are commenters - though who knows, most of those may be dodgy Russian spambots, but if you're reading and you're engaged I would love to hear from you and hear your thoughts on what I'm posting. Maybe you have a blog or tweet too? I'd love to find out.

(Married ladies - don't desert me! I love you too and your wisdom :D I guess I'm just nosy)


  1. I can't remember the last time I commented, but I read! :) Just under 9 months to go...

  2. I have been reading - am enjoying the dress hunting stories and eager to hear more about the design process! Just a bit shy about commenting. 5 months to go...

  3. I am again a reader but a bad commenter and I know thats rubbish because when I see loads of people have visted my blog but haven't commented it drives me a little crazy lol.

    I love your posts so witty, honest and just what I need. I'm really struggling with our wedding at the moment and I am finding it hard to read about other peoples weddings and how peachy it all is, is that really bad or do others feel that?


  4. I'm absolutely 100% single and about as likely to be getting married anytime soon as pigs are too fly. But I enjoy your humour, and one of my closest friends is getting married in October, so we chat planning quite a lot ... does that count? ;o) Maybe I'm just taking notes for someday far off in the future ...

  5. Hello! I'm still here and still engaged. I actually have been having similar times to you in the dress shopping in London stakes. Stay tuned...

  6. I am so bad at commenting! Especially as your blog goes straight into my feed part of my email. I do read all your posts though! lol 6.5 months to go for me xx

  7. Heyo! I've dropped by your blog from time to time (via Miss C) but for some reason never got around to subscribing. I'll do my best to comment - happy to talk long engagement and wedding planning stuff with you :)

  8. I'm reading...just a little shy in commenting :-) Hi!

  9. I'm guilty of reading and not commenting, but I love your blog and have found myself experiencing many of the same dilemmas and stresses as you've talked about here as I plan my wedding in September this year.

    If you're interested my (very new) blog is here