Wednesday, 4 May 2011

the weight is almost over

So, after a year and a third of dieting and losing three and a half/four stones (depending on when I count from), it's now six weeks until I get measured for my dress and have to maintain my weight until the wedding.

So it's going to be an interesting six weeks, when I absolutely hammer the exercise and, bearing in mind that I have a hen night and a wedding during this time, kick the ass of the plan as much as humanly possible.

But the fact remains - even if I lose at a stonking rate during this period - say 2-3lbs a week (and I don't lose that fast, generally) - I may look much like this when I get married. I certainly won't be the dainty sylph that I had initially thought I would be, however unlikely that might have actually been (I am not dainty ever - I doubt I magically would be at 11 stones)

If I manage to lose 2lbs a week between now and then, which is not impossible, I will have lost almost another stone and be squarely a size 14 which I know looks good on my frame. It also puts me at 'bikini point' - the time when I can wear a bikini without feeling like a large pasty Michelin (wo)man in swimwear. So I would be OK with that.

But if I lose 1lb a week between now and then - I'll look much the same - I will be a 14-16. A great improvement from the size 24 I was, no doubt. But still. I really need to come to terms with this.


  1. As I sit here glancing at the empty innocent smoothie bottle that did NOT FILL ME UP as I had wished, I envy the progress you have made with your weight loss. I managed to do really well for about 2 months then I started piling the pounds that I'd lost back on! Now with just 4 months to go I'm wondering whether it's worth it (or if I'm able to) 'hammer' it too!

  2. Aw Libby - well I haven't had a smoothie in months. They are quite high in syns on Slimming World for just the reason you identified - they don't fill you up! Try eating a banana, 10 strawberries, an orange an apple (ie the constituent parts of said smoothie) - then you won't eat for hours! if you want to email me I can tell you more about it - it's a great plan with most foods unlimited and free. We can 'hammer' it together!

  3. Wow, that's an amazing weight loss Claire! I'm very impressed and turning a delicate shade of green with envy! I'm aiming for a 4 stone loss by next July which should take me to a size 12to14. I joined Weight Watchers and lost a stone in the first month, but then Easter came along and I'm afraid to say the diet went out of the window.I went to Slimming World a few years back and lost 4 stone so I know that I can do it. I don't like going to the local Weight Watchers as I feel like I'm on a production line. Slimming World was much friendlier and the plan's easier to follow. I'm sooo fed up with counting points! I'm seriously thinking of leaving Weight Watchers and returning to the opposition!
    Keep up the great work, but be it a size 12, 14 or 16, I bet you'll look a million dollers on your Big Day. xx

  4. Aw thanks Brigitte! Well done on your stone! You can do 4 stones by next July - a mere 1lb a week! Come back to the dark side - it's great over here!

  5. I think you ought to feel really proud of yourself, that's an incredible achievement. Go into these final weeks feeling like you've already nailed it & knowing that you've done all the hard work, this is just the final sprint to the finish. Well done indeed for your hard work and perseverance. x

  6. I'm so excited about you going and getting started on the process of your dress being created. You're so calm and resolute about eating sensibly, I just know you'll do well and, more importantly, you'll know you did everything you could. Bet you look wonderful - a 14 or a 15, it's a lovely curvy size to be, especially in the right dress.


  7. Well done you have done fantastic with your weight loss!