Monday, 26 September 2011


Well, dear reader, it's been more than a month since my last post. In that time, I've got married, traveled to the furthest reaches of the British Isles for a honeymoon in the Outer Hebrides, and today, returned to work with an extra ring on my finger and a desperate desire to check Facebook for new photographs of the wedding every five minutes.

There will be recaps, I'm sure of it. But it's quite hard to digest everything now, or to know where to start. I just received the 'taster tape' from the videographers (oh yes, we had them in the end - an interesting story) and it made me feel nervous and gave me butterflies in a way that I never felt on the day.

So what do I tell you in this post, while I collect my thoughts? I think I can tell you that the wedding was better than I ever thought it could be. People seemed to have an amazing time. Everything went well - and the one thing that didn't initially look like going too well (a rather destroyed wedding cake) eventually turned out fine. And I wouldn't have cared either way.

Everyone arrived safe, had a ball, and got home safely. The details were ultimately, quite important - but they weren't flippantly decorative - everything had a meaning to us. Our friends were amazing, our families were amazing. The venue, the suppliers - everyone - was amazing. I'm sorry if this makes boring reading, but this is a topline view. The details are interesting, I promise.

But in order to tell you about some of the details, I'm going to have to come out of the blogging closet, as it were. The bloset. I don't see that I can do this without posting pictures of myself up here, or pictures that would identify the wedding and ourselves. So I'll be doing that. But understandably, because there are some things written about here that aren't yet fully public, I can't do it just yet. So there might be some posts about 'feelings' before there are posts about pretties. I hope you can forgive me.

Oh and an interesting one. Before the wedding, those of you who follow me on Twitter might have seen an attempt at being amusing with the hashtag #atw - or 'after the wedding', where I talked about the daft things I would no longer be doing in the days following the wedding. What I did not anticipate doing two days after the wedding, was sitting on a desolate beach on Skye, bawling my eyes out with the most intense sadness for the wedding that was over. I'd heard about the post-wedding blue. I never thought I'd get them. But in the end, the wedding got me good and proper. I've never been as in love with a day as I was then.


  1. Welcome back - how lovely to hear from you! Will be hanging off your every word...


  2. Are you sure it wasn't just the desolate beach on Skye that made you cry?
    Welcome back, do the recaps in your own style and at your own pace.

  3. Looking forward to reading all about it x

  4. I am looking forward to reading the recaps however they come. Feelings are fine as are pretties. Oh and CONGRATULATIONS!

  5. I love this post! I share your feelings here too. My 'ATW' list was long but I too failed to predict tears! But cry, I did. I sobbed in fact. Maybe not post wedding blues but more to do with the fact that my cat decided my wedding day was the best day to die! Excellent timing.

    Your wedding sounds amazing, can't wait to see pics!!

  6. I'm ok about the cat by the way, after reading that comment I realised I put a bit of a downer on things!

  7. I'm with Libby - cried my eyes out the first week of my honeymoon - in fact I'm close to tears thinking about it. Blaming the magazines for encouraging the hype, no articles on how to deal with 'ATW' or is that left to The Lady of Good Housekeeping?! :-)