Friday, 9 April 2010


Got the shock of my week this morning when I checked the old RSS reader and found I had been given this:

By the lovely My Spare Thoughts.

Genuinely gobsmacked and flattered. Thank you missus.

So I understand I have to pass this on to seven people and tell you seven things about myself. I'm not so keen on the 'about myself bit' - I feel a bit nervous giving away too much here other than what's already up (I'm sure more will emerge as this blog continues) - but I'll happily give those recommendations...

(Can I just say that MST has recommended many of the people I would love to recommend as well as introducing me to plenty of new people - so Anna, Katie, Glasgow Bride - you would be in my list too, though I'm going to play the game and suggest seven new people here)

1. A Los Angeles Love. This is a lady with her head screwed fully on. Practical, honest, often entertainingly ranty and just altogether excellent. Whenever I feel like I don't get all this stuff, I go here.

2. A Practical Wedding. Sure you all know this one, but it's another straight-talking, funny and honest place. Sometimes they deal with hard stuff and that's important too.

3. Conversation Pieces. Weddings plus lovely design. The blog I save most links from - lovely necklaces, wallpaper... and of course, some lovely wedding musings.

4. This Little Journey. I'm not sure I can organise one wedding half as apparently calmly, let alone two. I also have Miss C to thank for the gypsophila post, as I'm now pretty sure that's the answer for me - lots of flowers, minimal cost. Perfect.

5. Cupcake Wedding. Good in so many ways - honest about the planning process and a lovely mix of inspiration and advice, and this post on booze is just excellent.

6. Peonies and Polaroids. Photographer lady. I'm just getting to know this blog but it is full of beautiful things and lovely writing.

7. Wellies and Vogue. Countryside designer, getting married in half a year. Also a blog of lovely things, and the pictures of the countryside are very lovely and soothing to my fume-addled city brain.

There you go ladies. Enjoy!


  1. You are very welcome - have a lovely weekend.
    hahahah my word verification was "likey" how apt. ;D x