Thursday, 17 February 2011

the dreams

I'd heard about the wedding anxiety dreams.

But until now, I'd had just the one dream about the wedding and it had been hilariously relaxed. I'd dreamt that we'd had to move the wedding and had just two weeks to organise everything.

We'd changed the venue, bought a cake from some little bakers, got me a Monsoon dress, gone to the offie and bought a tonne of booze and it had worked out great. In my dream, I was walking around the grounds of some big old house (which in my mind, was a hybrid of a National Trust house I'd been to some time ago with my favourite park in London, Gunnersbury Park). I had some cake and a glass of something in my hand and was watching J play cricket with our friends while everyone stood talking and laughing and the sun was shining and the dream version of me was thinking 'well, this turned out pretty well, considering'.

I woke up feeling pretty chuffed with myself, despite having only actually dreamt that I was a kickass organiser and super-relaxed. HAHAHA.

Then last night, I had another dream. In this dream, the florist (who isn't being totally responsive on email at the moment - she's fab, but she took a month to confirm she'd got a deposit) had forgotten the date. We had forgotten to write a ceremony, vows and to basically do anything. I seem to remember we also forgot to send invitations (may have something to do with the real life email problems with our card supplier - I got confirmation of my expensive card order four days after placing it and having the money leave our account - a failure their end apparently).

In this dream, I was standing in a side room with J and our friend who is doing the ceremony, desperately trying to write the thing in three minutes. We had to go and try and find flowers for the tables. No one had a suit and all our guests were just standing around and wondering what to do and where to go.

I really don't want to be one of these people that gets stressed about things. But my brain seems to have other ideas.


  1. Still, more impressive than my dream the other night which was basically my panic on discovering that my eyebrow pencil had run out. Now, I do have almost transluscent brows (I'm a redhead) but I'm pretty disgusted that my subconscious is so shallow. And unimaginative.


    PS Still checked my eyebrow pencil though!

  2. Well I think the first dream is definitely the dream that tells the future.

    I dreamt about people I have not seen for years and can't stand and we were all having a picnic on the bottom of a swimming pool. My brain is obviously in cloud cuckoo land!


  3. I didn't sleep for 6 weeks before my wedding, not a wink! And I'm not normally a stressed person either. I was just lying awake continously thinking but everything I still had to do! I was worried that because of my sleep deprivation come the wedding day I would look a wreck but miraculously make up hid that. Just make sure you relax as soon as it is over and as the sleep will catch up with you in the end!

  4. Re your comment on my blog: your wedding sounds so fabulous - cake and fizz as an aperitif, what's not to love?! I may turn up as a scary stalker guest to snarf the cake! (not really, don't worry)