Monday, 6 June 2011

becoming a bride redux - part 1

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about 'becoming a bride'. A quick, note to explain that finally, after being engaged for almost two years, I had started to embrace the wedding and found myself feeling excited in a way that I could only describe as 'bridal'.

A couple of days later, a tweet from the lovely Siobhan asked me for advice. How could she feel the same? She didn't feel like a bride, and she felt she should. Lisa-Marie helped me answer her, and the conversation was a good one. It was a conversation I wished I'd had when I was newly engaged. Something happened to almost everyone I knew at that point, when they was assumed I had changed overnight, releasing my inner bride and preparing to witter on about nothing but white dresses until the wedding. Then I got another email from Dee, out of the blue, talking about the post too. Seems I inadvertently hit on a hot topic.

So, I asked the ladies to crystallise their thoughts in a couple of blog posts - a first for C&B! As you may have guessed, I don't really do the whole sponsored posts thing (apologies to the sweet PR girl who has been asking me to blog about Royal Wedding commemorative pizza) but guest blogs - why the hell not, eh?

The two posts will follow over the next day or so and hopefully at some point I'll conclude it.

I'll open with this note, from Dee at Adventures of a Dizzy Girl - and hope that all of you reading this would feel free to offer your thoughts on the subject, if you have them, in the comments below as the day(s) go(es) on. But be nice!

Here's Dizzy Girl Dee to kick off:

"I don’t fully understand what it means to feel like a bride. I’m starting to think that I feel like one, but I think it’s actually just that I’m starting to get more attention. Not that I want it, but people are treating me like a bride, which makes me feel more like one.

"But I’m never going to be a demure, classic or calm bride. Nor will I be crazy and mean. I really do think that being a bride is as simple as being the focus of a lot of people’s attention."

Next up: Lisa Marie...

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  1. Excellent stuff and thanks for allowing me to be a part of it.