Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Grr. The past two weeks have been slooow on the diet. I've just lost half a pound each week, which, while of course two tiny steps in the right direction, is frustratingly slow. A fortnight ago, I was 2lbs off having lost a stone and a half. I though I'd crack it in a week. Now I am still 1lb off it, goddamnit. I should be past there by now.

You know I'm doing Slimming World, and it really is the best diet (they say it's not a diet, it's a way of eating, but it gets a bit tiresome saying that all the time though it is true), and on their website, there's a place to fill in your weight loss every week. This generates a graph which shows you when you might expect to reach certain targets (and your main target weight). Two weeks ago, mine had me at target in March next year. Now it says November: AFTER the wedding.

I know the graph fluctuates all the time but I am feeling very frustrated right now. Planning on drastically upping my salad intake this week as a result. Pfft.

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  1. Least its progress!

    I freaked when I was so close to my goal then took forever to get there then when I put lbs on!

    Its best not to look at graphs, best to just lose it slowly but surely!