Tuesday, 18 May 2010

a tiny shift

Here's a tiny thing that happened today.

I showed bf the Cox & Cox wedding catalogue. He did not recoil. He appeared to show genuine interest. On seeing some pretty bottles, he said: I like those. We could have something like that.

This follows him emailing me some little cake figures ('toppers'?) the other day. HIM sending them to ME. Let's just digest that for a moment. Not that I give a damn about cake toppers (famous last words?) but previously, I had been lead to believe he didn't give a damn about any of these bits. I'd had to drag him to meet the humanist, and that's a big, needs a lot of thinking about, thing.

I feel quite excited. It's summer: it's technically much more than a year away, but in a year's time, I would like to have done almost everything and be enjoying the lovely summer without too much stress.

I think this means I can start actual planning (not just wide-eyed staring at wedding blogs) with impunity. Yes, it's more than a year away, but now when I mention it to people, it doesn't get that shocked response. It's a respectable time frame for actually doing stuff.

Ready, set, go!

*fires starting pistol, runs off excitedly to look at cakes made of stilton*