Wednesday, 5 May 2010

remind me never to talk about our wedding in the daily mail

Christ on a bike. Check out those comments:

Lucy Mangan: I admire you a great deal. I love your writing for its honesty and frankness. You were one of the reasons I became a journalist (ooh, clues clues. I'm not a journalist any more so it's a bit of a red herring...)

But I can't help feeling your honesty and frankness might have got a better reception in any other newspaper. In the entire world.

(I would almost urge you not to read the story and add to their precious readership figures, were Lucy's article not so damned good.)

Seriously, don't read the comments. Nothing is off limit for the Daily Mail commenter: the dress, the choice of husband, the atheism and of course, the overall appearance (weight/face). Nasty, nasty.


  1. Urgh the daily mail. Poor Lucy, I didn't read many of the comments but I hope none of those poisonous people ever find my blog. I'm sure I wouldn't live up to their evil expectations.

  2. I'm sure I saw her photo on the front page of the Guardian or Observer so perhaps the DM picked it up from there.

    Personally, I thought she wasn't so much a reluctant bride as a normal girl who hadn't yet met the man that she wanted to marry. A something of nothing article, typical of many newspapers these days, especially in relation to marriage and weddings.

    I don't think the commenters needed to be quite so vile though. (although I do agree that her dress did nothing for her.)

  3. those comments are awful! almost makes you want to hit delete on your blog, just in case!
    not quite sure how she's going to have got an entire book out of that though.

  4. Oh dear, people can be so awful! I feel terrible for her, as if it isn't bad enough that some people in your own life will judge all your wedding choices! Let alone opening yourself up for all of the spiteful DM readership to take aim.


  5. How horrible are some people; always makes me think they have nothing better to do than make stupid comments online!

  6. *sigh* People are horrible aren't they? I have not had a horrible commenter yet. Yet being a operative term because people are nasty and I am putting myself out there and it's not like I hold back my opinions now, do I? So I have convinced myself that if and when I get said horrible comment. It is a sign that I have MADE it in the blogging world. That someone would dislike me or what I have to say so intensely they decided to waste 5 whole minutes of their life jotting down a scathing, bitter comment on my site (MY site!)

    One can only hope