Tuesday, 20 July 2010

the details

I love looking at wedding pics. On Facebook (hello friends of friends - do you know I'm stalking your wedding?), on blogs, in magazines.

I find myself cooing over all the little details. OoOOOOoooh. Look at those lovely little things on the tables. Look at the favours. Look at those cute letters and the arty craftness of it all.

And then I think: Hmm. I am not sure about this.

If you look at our wedding, from a distance, I like to think you'd see a big group of tipsy people all acting daft.

If you look at the photos, I think you'll see people. And then more people. Maybe us. And then maybe a nice view.

In years to come, I'm going to want to look back at the pictures of people, and us. Maybe one or two of the view.

I'm not sure I will ever want to look at an artfully arranged table displays or other bits of crafty ephemera or photos of my shoes looking arty in the grass with the wedding rings around the heel? Or will I?

If there are details, I think they need to be edible. Sweets are good. Letters are horrendously expensive. Bunting is good - it can be made in large volumes and at low cost. Massive jars of sweets are good. Tasty.

But what else will people remember? Do these things matter?


  1. Oh, that's a tricky one. I'll be disappointed if we get hundreds of pictures of details and not enough of our nearest and dearest having fun.

    However, when I'm in my most showy-off moods, I'll be disappointed if I don't have pics of the details to show off my craft skills/good taste.

    I guess it's maybe a case of getting the balance right?

  2. Can I just say...I'm so glad I'm not the only one who looks at random strangers' weddings on facebook that some loosely related acquaintance has posted.

  3. Oooh - I needed to read this because I was just feeling a bit sad I didn't have lots of pictures of details. Not sure what details but blogs (and FB) can sometimes make you think you didn't have a proper wedding without details.
    We do have lots of people (some quite tipsy) and a few of the view though - yeay!

  4. I may raise my hand to the ahem occasional FB wedding rampage!

    I am frightened of the photographs but hope for one of me and the boy. Otherwise smiles, blurs and the odd detail will keep me happy!

  5. I know for a fact that since planning events is my job I'm going to just get much much too caught up in the perfection of the details of my wedding. I'll get stressed and it will spoil everything. So I'm eloping.

  6. Its lovely to capture the details {especially when you spent so much time making them like me} but I would have sacficed some pics of them if it meant losing some of our family and friends, as you want to remember what it was like.

    I never told our photographers to capture any details specifically but i am glad they did.