Friday, 30 July 2010

a traitor to the cause?

You may have noticed that there have been no diet updates for a while. This is not because I've fallen off the wagon - I definitely haven't. But because I felt like a bit of a traitor to the cause.

Non traditional wedding blog land - which I think I can safely say, is where we pretty much all live - is all about being searingly honest and practicing love and self acceptance. I keep reading blogs where people talk about how they've accepted their weight in the run up to their wedding, and blogs that make a point of celebrating deliciously curvy brides.

These are great things. I love that it's this way. Self-acceptance = effing brilliant.

But I felt like that by posting my weight loss up here, I was somehow being a bit of a traitor to all that. Shouldn't I be practicing being happy as I am?

(You should all know, by the way, that I'm talking about more than a few kilos here. I still have much weight to lose.)

I don't think it has to be this way. Self acceptance is good, but then so is self-awareness and knowing what matters to you.

We all know that weddings are a stake stuck in the ground of life: a markerpost, an important point that we want to remember. That's why we spend money on them and spend so long thinking about the ritual of it all, even if we're going against the tide. Rituals they still are.

I had decided long ago to lose some weight. I was sick of feeling like I wasn't myself, and like my body was an impediment to my life. The knowledge of the wedding added to that: the stake in the ground held a post saying: 'this is the start of a new phase in your life. How do you want it to begin?'

Yes, I'm a dieting bride-to-be. What a terrible cliche. But we're all going on, or have been on journeys here (ugh, I sound like I'm on some sort of reality TV show) and here I am, on two.

We make a big point of being accepting of curves and of people of all shapes and sizes. I certainly know I do. Happiness, not size, is what matters.

But dieting is the big shame, implying judgement of people who aren't dieting and of people who accept their shape. It's neither of these things. But considered, sensible dieting - a change in the shape you accept - should be as celebrated and accepted as any blog post on why you love yourself, and everyone else, just as they/you are.

I love that I'm losing weight.

(For those of you wondering: just over two stones (12.7kg) lost, four or five (25-31kg) more to go)


  1. I don't care if you're the size of a house or akin to a small child. I just care that you're happy. If losing some weight makes you happy, go for it. If it makes you miserable, don't do it.

    Won't judge either way, just want you to be comfortable being you, whatever shape and size and colour and length and width you end up being.

  2. Very well said Cloggins.

    In my opinion, it's actually quite nice to see someone write about weight in blog land. I always feel that I must be the only one unhappy with their weight as no-one else seems to say anything!

    Maybe I'll be brave and write about it too :)

    Oh, and well done on weight loss so far!

  3. Go you! So impressive!

    See you tomorrow?!

  4. Well said C&B - using your wedding date as a marker/motivator is actually pretty sensible as long as it is a decision you have chosen of your own free will and haven't felt pressured into doing. (Hell, I chose the wedding as an excuse to finally get contact lenses and conquer my fear of driving – judge me on that if you will.)
    We all know you’re fabulous – so do your thing and we’ll cheer you on all the way.

  5. Wow, congrats on the weight loss so far. I certainly would never judge anyone for choosing to lose weight as long as it is their choice. Which it is yours, so all good luck with it and having something to work towards is often the best thing. Looking forward to hearing more about it!