Thursday, 8 July 2010

some musings on hen nights

Some years ago, I worked on a boat. One of those boats that trundles up and down a river full of drunk people on Christmas parties, or, more often, drunk women on hen nights. (Stag nights/groups of men weren't allowed, as they too often ended up overboard.)

One night we had no less than seven hen parties on the boat. All small groups of women. All wearing pink sashes and penis deelyboppers and trying to snog the DJ. At one point, one of the women started slagging off the bride in another group. They starting having a bit of an argument.

The evening ended when some more women got involved and a fight broke out, culminating in a headbutt that knocked out three teeth. We had to call the police and send them wait for the boat at the next lock, whereupon an amusing period of time passed where we had to keep the women bodily apart while the boat rose up comedically slowly in the lock. Then we bundled them off into the arms of the law, missing teeth and patches of hair.

The rest of the evening was rather subdued. Another fight happened when we got back, but it was in the car park and so the captain decided to leave them to it.

Other than the ones I served at during my long years of student bar work, I’ve only ever attended one sort of hen night – a meal in a horrendous steak house, followed by drinks in a dodgy bar. It wasn’t great.

The other day I was invited to another one, up north. There are so many activities, bar visits and meals scheduled in that a conservative estimate of cost comes in at around £250. This is for someone I’ve not seen in a decade. I’d like to get to know her again, but I’d like our first meet up in ten years not to cost several hundred pounds.


  1. Ahhh... those dares terrify me.

  2. I can imagine how lots of hen nights together isnt great! ha ha!

    I have been on many a hen night; 8 I think including my own which was a full weekend!

    We have done something different on each one but always tried to keep the cost managable I think! I was at one on Sat and I will say it was fab as I helped organise it! The spa then cocktail making!

  3. It's not that I'm against hen nights per se, or hen weekends. Just one of those things I'm still processing, I think.

    The £250 is a bit steep though, for me, as I've only had a month's notice...

  4. Why does "hen night" mean that girls are supposed to behave like sluts?

  5. I'm with you on the hen weekend costing a fortune thing. On top of the cost of attending a wedding, it's all starting to get a bit riduculous.

    The best hen weekends I've been on recently have been organised so that each girl has a choice of how many different parts to attend - good for the budget conscious and means that everyone is included.