Thursday, 25 March 2010


As I don't know really know what else to call them for now, it will have to be bridesmaids, though I'm not sure if that's what I want.

I've been a bridemaid twice before. Both times there were full skirts and puff sleeves. The first time, i was a little kid and this was fine and cute. The second I was an awkward teen and a vision in burnt pink, teamed with a pair of white court shoes.

I realise that things are different now. But when we got engaged, I thought I definitely didn't want bridesmaids.

But on reflection, I realised I do want my friends around me, possibly as sort of 'bridesmaids-lite'. I can't afford to buy them dresses. But doing it this way brings in a whole new seet of problems.

If they are just 'team spesh' as one friend termed it, then deciding who you do and don't want as part of it becomes harder. It's not a formal thing, therefore why can't you just give out more corsages/hair flowers and bring them all into the team? But needless to say, I don't want 10 ladies fussing around me and I can see this happening.

Maybe I'm stuck with 'bridesmaids'.

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