Tuesday, 16 March 2010


I had a moment today, wistfully looking out of the train window (here's my view) and feeling the sun on my face when I suddenly thought:

I can't wait to get married.

Once I'd thought it, it was all I could think and I couldn't stop grinning. I'm sure the Mumford & Sons soundtrack on the iPod contibuted a little to my state of mind. But I thought about summer, and all the things I like (picnics, lying on the grass, jumping into rivers, going camping) and how the wedding would be a wonderful wonderful day next summer, even if it rains.

And then I changed trains, and saw a little girl happily racing down the train to pick a seat, then carefully choosing and eating a cupcake with joyous abandon and a huge grin, before falling asleep in her Mum's arms, still holding the cake. And I thought again, that I can't wait for the wedding. And then I can't wait for all the good stuff that comes after.

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  1. What a lovely post! This is the kind of reason I love my job! Getting married is fab!