Monday, 1 March 2010

stupid thing I don't know about weddings #1

So as I go through the process of planning a wedding, it turns out there is a lot of stuff I really don't know or understand. Pretty much every day, something new crops up.

I've not been to many weddings as a grown up, and certainly not any that look like that one I'm planning. So I think that's why I keep feeling bamboozled.

So I would like to announce the launch of a mini-series, where every so often (sometimes, perhaps, very often) I will post whatever it is up here, in the hope that someone could help me.

So, stupid thing I don't know about weddings #1:

Getting your hair done. Yes, stupid eh.

Do you have to go to a hairdresser? Do you have to get one to come to you? People suggest that getting your hair done is important. Is it? What if you're on a farm in the middle of nowhere? What is the deal here? I don't get it.


  1. I'm hiring someone to come to me. Can't be dealing with the stress of going out somewhere. I'm a girl who likes a lie in and to be as lazy as poss!

    P.S. I have so little idea too. I really need to work things out!

  2. My hairdresser is coming to my venue the morning of because I have absolutely no control over my hair and can't cope with the responsibility of having to try control it on my wedding day.

  3. Ha... yeah I don't know much about weddings either! Looking forward to seeing more of these and seeing how many things I haven't figured out either yet ;)

  4. Hmm. Looking around, having someone come to you seems pretty standard. But how do I find someone if I'm getting married in another county several hours away? Do I have to spend a weekend down there getting dolled up? I don't want to have my hair up, just nice and wavy with a flower. Maybe I just won't bother...ask a friend to do it!