Tuesday, 30 March 2010

one down...

In the other great countdown, things are progressing apace.

I am now the proud loser of just over one official Slimming World sanctioned stone. This is good - one sixth of the way there, approximately. Thirteen weeks and 15.5 lbs.

In total, I've lost a little more than that - closer to a stone and a half - as I started dieting before I joined SW. But still.

In another stone, I'll be a third of the way there.
At three stones down, I'll be halfway.
Another stone makes it four and that's two thirds.
And when five have gone, I can start looking for wedding dresses.



  1. Woo hoo, thats fab, well done.

    I know how it felt to lose my first stone; totally worth all the hard work!

  2. That's great, congrats!