Monday, 22 March 2010


Really, the only meringues I want at the wedding need to be covered in cream and strawberries. But as a general term for a cute little dress, I think the term should be reclaimed. Though these simple little beauties are more like macarons than full blown powdery sugary giants.

Tell me you don't love this one from the deep well of loveliness that is Etsy:

Sold out, damnit. But it is gorgeous beyond gorgeous.

And it's a shame we don't have J Crew over here, though I did write to them to ask if they would open a UK store. They said no, but they might start shipping here soon. This one of theirs is pretty bloody lovely too

And here's the darling of the day from Coast - UK High Street comes up trumps:

All three pretty bargainously priced too. Lovely.


  1. Well these are all rather divine aren't they?!

  2. You know J Crew are going to start selling through Net a Porter this summer right? If not now you do! Very excited!! PS Found your blog through Anna, lovely blog, shall be popping over more often :)

  3. I did not know that - thanks! And thanks for the nice words - i've just had a look at your lovely blog too!

  4. Psst - the first etsy one you linked to from Sarah Seven is a staple in her bridal line. It's not sold out - someone just bought the most the listing on etsy, which makes it look "sold out" until she updates the button again. And agreed - I love Sarah Seven to pieces.

  5. Oh wow that is excellent news. I had thought that was my chance gone! Thanks!