Monday, 29 March 2010

lovely stuff #1

Since the moment I got engaged and started reading wedding blogs, I've been saving all the links to stuff I like by sending myself little emails. And I thought it would be nice, and make a lot of sense, if I was to put them up on here.

So here's today's: a lovely post from Savoir Weddings with some pictures of bridesmaids. The first one is my fave - this one:

As you may recall from this post the bridesmaid thing is not really me. But this, I like a great deal. My friends (the 'non bridesmaids') can wear whatever they like and have a little bunch of flowers or some blooms in their hair and it will look lovely.

And the flowers too: brilliant. I want colourful, mismatched, bright and cheery just like this - I wasn't sure it would work before. I'm going to have to print this photo out and stick it somewhere.

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